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Name of company

Registered office
20 Thirlmere Avenue
Elland HX5 9PN


Contact details
Tel:      01422 250350



These items are custom made to order and come under the distant selling regulations for personalized items

I.e. if the item as a fault or we have made a mistake                 then once to item as been returned             {we refund postage}

Then a replacement will be posted out 

We endeavor to get it right first time, by sending a screen shot of how the item will look in the size you buy so you can see how it will look before we engrave the item.

Dispatch time can be longer the 5 working days some times of the year as emails between use can delay the item if not replied too

Photo/text need to be emailed to 

{Photos sent via ebay will be used but ebay do reduce the quality if the file is to big}

Please include your ebay name and item looked at

all emails will then be via the address the photo was sent with or a paypal address so that the item can be tracked, as we cannot track photos under ebay names and multi accounts this stops confusion so we can reply to your questions quicker.

Once these items are engraved they cannot be cancelled or returned only if there is a fault and we will pleased to replace the item as stated in our terms






 a great gift or award - trophy that will not fade over time